News From Our School of Leaders

Our 2020 lessons for School of Leaders will again come from a document on the National site. It is called "Study of Charism". There are 11 sections to the 28 page document. We will be covering one section per month, beginning with the first section (introduction) in January and ending with the 11th one in November. It will give us an opportunity to study in depth what Eduardo Bonnin has to say about Cursillo. Below is a link to the document on the National Cursillo site.


What is a Cursillo "School of Leaders"?

The School of Leaders is not a school in the academic sense. Instead, it is a school in the sense of a gathering, such as a school of fish. It is a gathering of Cursillo leaders. It helps these leaders to "discover, accept, and grow in their vocations, bringing them together so that together they can take on the responsibility of being leaders in the Church, in the Movement, and in their respective secular environments."


If you are a Cursillista (i.e., you have attended a Cursillo Weekend), and are interested in serving the Cursillo community, please come join us.


Come and join for a Spirit filled year. Please mark your calendars!


"As paradoxical as this may seem, the Cursillo Movement is born from a school and not the reverse. […] The school precedes the Cursillos, since it is within it that it was born, it is within it that it still gets its sustenance and it is from it that it expands. At all times, the school has been – and continues to be – the pillar essential for the continuity and development of the Cursillo Movement. " (no. 530 and 531)

Monthly School of Leaders Times and Places

These are the Schools of Leaders planned by the Secretariat and intended for all Cursillistas.  Best case, everyone should come to one of these schools, because we need to "school together" to build up a vibrant community capable of hosting Cursillo weekends to keep our movement growing.



Holy Family in Sparta - Third Monday of the month at 7pm




St. John Vianney in Wyoming - Third Tuesday of the month at 7pm




St. Joseph Church (basement) in Pewamo - Third Thursday of the month at 7pm


So You Want to Have a School of Leaders?

From Grand Rapids English Cursillo Secretariat 6/10/2018 
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend school of leaders. In addition to the regularly scheduled monthly meetings we’d like to make it so any group of 3 or more, on any day or night could have a school of leaders. 
Before going on though, we want to stress the importance of keeping our current schools going, and ask that you join us for those schools if at all possible.  Since school of leaders is mostly about building up the community of Leaders that will run the weekend,  The more people we get participating together, the stronger the community we build for the Cursillo weekends.
Regularly scheduled monthly School of Leaders meets every 3rd: Monday, 7pm, Holy Family in Sparta Tuesday, 7pm, St John Vianney in Grand Rapids Thursday, 7pm, St Joseph in Pewamo.
However, though these are very consistent and dependable times and places, and each has a leader responsible to run the meeting, many people cannot make those meetings for various reasons.  We’d like to make it possible for folks in that situation to set up their own School of Leaders when they CAN participate.  If you can follow all the directions below, you can set up a school when it is most convenient, in a place of your choice.   Read the attachment below for more details

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School of Leaders Regular Format

Current plans for what we will study each month and how we will study it.

Cursillo SoL updated 1-3-19.pdf
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Leader's Prayer

For printing off copies for your school.  Every School of Leaders starts with the Leaders Prayer.

Leaders Prayer SOL.pdf
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